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Cosmetic Fillers


As we get older, we start noticing changes in our aging face. We want to maintain our youthful appearance, but gravity and age begin to take a toll. Facial fillers are a great way to reduce wrinkles and can give your skin a fresher, more youthful appearance. Facial fillers are very small injections administered to specific areas, which are used to produce temporary to longer-lasting results, depending on the product.

These injections may include collagen, hyaluronic acid, and calcium hydroxyl apatite to fill the facial creases and folds. The face and body naturally contain hyaluronic acid, but as we age, the levels of this substance decreases, leading to a lack of volume, deeper folds, and the appearance of lines.


To restore and rejuvenate facial appearance, tiny injections of a facial filler product, are administered directly into specific areas. The purpose of facial fillers is to provide the perfect volume to cause the wrinkles, folds, or sunken areas to diminish. You can expect results to last from six months to up to two years.


There is little to no recovery time needed after your facial fillers, and you will be able to return to your normal activities immediately. Your treatment can be performed whenever it is convenient for you, whether during lunch, between errands, or on the weekends. You may experience mild discomfort after an injectable filler treatment. Side effects may include temporary redness or numbness, mild swelling or bruising, or an itchy sensation in the treated area. These minor symptoms are easily alleviated by applying an ice pack to the area, and improve in a matter of hours or a few days.

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